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Reasons Your Car Heater Needs Service

Reasons Your Car Heater Needs Service

Your car heater does not only make your commute more comfortable, but it also helps your car motor. Your combustion system is unlikely to run efficiently if your heating system is not operating since it is difficult to evaporate gas as temperature decreases. This is especially true for older vehicles that have carbureted engines. Even though you can technically drive newer vehicles unheated without experiencing immediate consequences, you will be putting more strain on your engine with time. If you are experiencing the following, it is time to service your car's heating system:   A Musty Smell If you smell something humid in the cabin, your coolant may be leaking from somewhere. You should confirm by inspecting around your vehicle for a spill. Steam from the Engine Compartment A coolant leak may also be detected by seeing your vehicle smoking from under the hood. If you do not fix the problem by having your car properly serviced, your en ... read more

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