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Can Brake Fluid Expire?

Can Brake Fluid Expire?

To put it in simple terms: Yes! Brake fluid can go bad. If you have a hydraulic braking system in your vehicle, the liquid is stored inside a sealed container. And in most cases, it should last you several years before needing a change or flush. However, moisture remains the biggest problem for brakes, and it can escape into the fluid lines and cause a leak. DOT fluid is prone to absorb water from the air. As a result, it will dilute the solution, lower its boiling point, and decline brake performance. Furthermore, the moisture in the fluid can also spread damage to other brake parts by corroding the calipers, cylinders, and so forth.    How Long Does the Fluid Last? The effectiveness of your brake fluid depends on various things, such as the quality and type of fluid and the environment the car is driven in. For example, if you operate your vehicle in a more humid area, you will need brake fluid maintenance more often. Also, high-performing cars that run under hot tempera ... read more

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