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There's a Nest Under My Hood - What Do I Do?

There's a Nest Under My Hood - What Do I Do?

While you might expect to see a bit of dust and debris when you open up the hood of your car, you certainly do not desire a bird's nest to be there when you take a look. Yet, that is exactly what happens to many car owners when they least expect it. Your engine is highly desired by birds when they are looking for a place to build a nest because it is warm and out of the way of inclement weather conditions. The question becomes what you should do when you find a nest under your hood. Continue reading to learn more. Preventing Birds From Building a Nest In Your Car It is important to keep birds from building a nest under your hood. It is not that you harbor any ill-will towards these flying animals, but it is important to understand the nest itself poses a fire hazard. The straw that comprises a nest can be quite dry. Combine that with the warm temperatures near the engine and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. Take a look at the following advice so you can k ... read more

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