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As drivers, we often overlook tire maintenance over the years we drive our vehicles. Tire maintenance is critical to a driver’s safety on the road, and can help save hundreds of dollars on tire replacement over the years. Tire balancing, rotating, and wheel alignment are all critical services that should be prioritized in a vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Functional and well-maintained tires are essential for keeping proper control of your vehicle. Good tread on tires is necessary for maintaining traction with the road, which is vital for handling ability. Car tires wear out over time regularly, but can do so excessively or in an uneven pattern if they aren’t regularly inspected or serviced. Driving with worn out tires can put you at risk on the road, so making sure tires are properly filled and have good tread is crucial. Regular tire checks include examining the tread depth of the tires, wear and air pressure, and checking any signs of deterioration and wheel alignment.

Tires that are wearing out excessively or unevenly can point to a number of things. Driving with low tire pressure for an extended period of time is a main culprit of uneven tire wear. This can happen if your tires are overinflated as well. Bad suspension parts, such as worn shocks and struts, can also start to cause rapid tire wear. Driving with a bad wheel alignment can also cause uneven and excessive tire wear, so be sure to remain aware of how your vehicle drives and have it inspected at the first sign of a concern.

At Richman Automotive & Towing, we provide excellent tire service in Des Moines, IA, which has helped us guarantee our clients' safety while driving. For all tire services in Des Moines, IA, we invite you into our shop for friendly and professional service. Don’t hesitate to give us a call with any tire questions you may have, or feel free to schedule an appointment with us using our online appointment form today.

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