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5 Road Accident Prone Areas Near Des Moines

5 Road Accident Prone Areas Near Des Moines

Driving through Des Moines, IA, promises scenic routes and bustling neighborhoods. However, beneath this picturesque facade lie areas of concern for road safety. Let's navigate through five accident-prone zones that demand heightened caution. Capitol East Capitol East, while charming, conceals a concerning trend of road accidents. With its winding streets and heavy traffic, drivers must exercise utmost caution. The neighborhood's vibrant atmosphere belies the potential dangers lurking around every corner. Cheatom Park Cheatom Park presents another challenge for motorists, with its intricate roadways and unexpected hazards. Amidst its lush greenery lies a need for heightened vigilance. Exploring Cheatom Park's scenic beauty demands more than just an appreciation for nature—it necessitates a keen awareness of potential road dangers. New Vision New ... read more

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