Reasons Your Car Heater Needs Service

Your car heater does not only make your commute more comfortable, but it also helps your car motor. Your combustion system is unlikely to run efficiently if your heating system is not operating since it is difficult to evaporate gas as temperature decreases. This is especially true for older vehicles that have carbureted engines.

Even though you can technically drive newer vehicles unheated without experiencing immediate consequences, you will be putting more strain on your engine with time.

If you are experiencing the following, it is time to service your car's heating system:

A Musty Smell

If you smell something humid in the cabin, your coolant may be leaking from somewhere. You should confirm by inspecting around your vehicle for a spill.

Steam from the Engine Compartment

A coolant leak may also be detected by seeing your vehicle smoking from under the hood. If you do not fix the problem by having your car properly serviced, your engine may overheat depending on the amount of steam.

Foggy Windshield

You use a defroster to clear condensed water that covers your windshield. The defroster will not properly operate when the coolant leaks as it also needs coolant

No Heat

When you start to only get cold air out of your vents, it is possible that your car heater needs to be fixed. It can be because of a broken motor or a hole in the heater core.

Reasons Your Car Heater is Dead or Does not Work Properly

Below are some of the common reasons why your car heater may not be operating effectively:

  • Low Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Faulty Thermostat
  • Faulty Blower Motor Resistor
  • Faulty Heater Fan
  • Leaky Radiator
  • Clogged Heater Core
  • Faulty Wiring or Blown Fuses
  • Faulty HVAC Controls

When you suspect that your vehicle's heating system is damaged, you should have it inspected and repaired as soon as possible to avoid higher costs of repair. We invite you to bring your vehicle to Richman Automotive & Towing today as we strive to keep your vehicle in tip top shape and ensure that your ride is as comfortable as possible, even during cold winter.

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