Why Is My Brake Light Out?

A burnt-out brake light on your car is more than just an annoyance. It is considered a safety hazard. In fact, you can be penalized for not having it repaired soon enough. If your brake light is out, the police can pull you over and even issue a ticket. Plus, you need all your lights to work to pass your vehicle’s safety inspection. 

Here are 4 of the most common reasons why your brake light is out:

  • Burnt Out Light Bulb - One of the most common and familiar problems related to vehicle lights is a burnt-out bulb. This can be easily fixed with a replacement bulb. Most newer model cars have LEDs, which last much longer than traditional bulbs.
  • Faulty Brake Light Switch - Every time you press the brakes, a switch signals the light to cut on. These electrical switches go out over time and can be caused by the collection of dirt and dust. Our techs can test your car to determine if the switch is the problem. 
  • Blown Fuse - If we determine that the brake light switch isn’t the problem, then the next place to look is the fuse. Fuse boxes can be found under the hood or in a panel inside the glove box. A replacement of the fuse should fix this problem.
  • Bad Socket - Another place to check is the light socket. Some brake lighting problems can be traced back to a corroded socket or the surrounding wiring. 

If you need assistance diagnosing and repairing your brake lights, please do not hesitate to stop by Richman Automotive & Towing. We are qualified and ready to solve your electrical problems swiftly so that you can return to the road.

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