Why Does My Car Feel Like a Bouncy House?

A bouncy car ride may be funny and silly at first, but it could be very concerning. Besides, it is a little embarrassing to have all eyes on you when you're just trying to go about your day. If you notice that your vehicle is bobbing uncontrollably, please bring your vehicle to our expert mechanics at Richman Automotive & Towing immediately. At our shop, we can diagnose and repair the problem. Usually, three problem areas can cause your car to rock: tires, steering, and suspension.


Your tires are a fundamental portion of your vehicle; without them, you'd go absolutely nowhere. Sadly, they can be the reason why your car, SUV, or truck is springing up and down. If you've recently gotten them replaced, they may not have been installed correctly. Or your tires can be misaligned or not precisely inflated. All of these mishaps can cause your car to go wonky.


You'd have no control of your car without steering. This system of components enables you to handle and control the vehicle at all times. If you notice that the car is only bouncing when you turn the steering wheel, this could mean your steering components need fixing. This portion of your vehicle has rack bushings that may produce an unstable ride if they are too loose or stiff. Again, it can also be an alignment issue.


The suspension in your vehicle keeps your tires connected with the road and gives you a smooth and safe ride. The steering and suspension ultimately go hand in hand. So if the steering components check out, then it must be the suspension. Often, our mechanics will trace damage back to your shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, or the sway bar, all of which can cause your car to shake.


You may not know right off the bat with your eyes what is causing your car to bounce, but you should get someone to find out quickly. We invite you to Richman Automotive & Towing for a full-point inspection to get to the bottom of your car troubles today. 

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