What is Lock Out Towing and How Does it Work?

Getting locked out of your vehicle can be frustrating and even dangerous, especially if you're stranded in a remote location or during inclement weather. In such a situation, lockout towing can be a lifesaver. Lockout towing is a specialized service that can help you regain access to your vehicle when you're locked out. 

What is Lock Out Towing?

Lockout towing is a service that helps you gain entry to your locked vehicle. This towing service is typically provided by professional tow truck companies and is designed to help you when you accidentally lock your keys inside your car. Lockout towing is a relatively simple service that can be performed quickly, often within just a few minutes.

How Does Lock Out Towing Work?

When you contact a lockout towing service, the first thing that the technician will do is assess your situation. The technician will ask you a few questions to determine the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the type of lock that is currently preventing you from gaining entry. Based on this information, the technician will select the appropriate tools and equipment needed to open your car.

The most common tool used in lockout towing is the slim jim. A slim jim is a long, thin piece of metal designed to slip between the window and the weatherstripping of a car door. Once inserted, the slim jim is used to manipulate the locking mechanism inside the door and unlock the vehicle. Slim jims are effective tools for accessing most types of vehicle locks.

Another tool that is commonly used in lockout towing is the wedge. Wedges are used to create a gap between the door and the vehicle's frame. This gap allows the technician to insert a long, flexible rod into the car and manipulate the locking mechanism from the inside.

In some cases, lockout towing may require more advanced tools or techniques, such as using a unique code to unlock the vehicle's electronic system or programming a new key for the car. These advanced techniques are typically reserved for situations where the standard methods are not effective.

Lockout towing is a valuable service that can help you regain entry to your locked vehicle. By working with our towing company, you can rest assured that you'll be able to get back into your car quickly and safely. If you ever find yourself locked out of your vehicle, please call Richman Automotive & Towing for assistance.


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