What Causes Transmission Fluids To Leak?

Any car fluid leaks might be indicative of a minor challenge with the car of serious break downs that might be costly to repair. Sometimes you might notice fluid underneath the vehicle during packing or a driver mighty alert you of the leak when driving. Fluid leaking might indicate a transmission fluid leak, which should be checked immediately to prevent further damages.

Transmission fluid may be colored green or red, which makes it significantly easy to differentiate it from other fluids. Driving when the transmission fluid is leaking prevents the proper running of the car, which is not safe. Different factors can trigger the leaking of the transmission fluid. We have outlined some of the most probable causes of leaking transmission fluid.

Transmission Pan of Drain Plug

Loose rocks and debris on the road expose the transmission pan to damage. The transmission pan wears and gets a puncture. It may also get loose drain plugs or bolts leading to a transmission leak.

Failure to Change Transmission Fluid Often

A vehicle manual provides the recommended intervals for changes in transmission fluid under normal and extreme driving conditions. As the components in the transmission wear, the fluid might collect tiny pieces of metal. The metals might gather and start wearing down the seals in the transmission. It leads to premature damages and causes leaking of the fluid.

Torque Converter Leakage

A torque converter transmits the fluid into the whole transmission system. Any cracks or damages in the torque pump will trigger leaking of the transmission fluid, which will require taking the car to the mechanic for a professional fix.

A cracked Fluid Line

Transmission fluid lines are mostly made of steel or aluminum. Although they are durable, damage from road debris and or exposure to heat might cause them to crack. This triggers leaks in the transmission fluid.

It is essential to pay attention to the level of the transmission fluid with every oil. Getting the leaks checked will empower it to maintain functionality for the long-term. For any transmission diagnostic tests and repairs, drive to our auto repair shop and let our certified mechanic fix all your transmission troubles.

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