What Causes Engine Misfires?

Are you an automobile enthusiast, an ordinary car owner, or a vehicle technician? The chances are high that you have worked on a vehicle and encountered an engine misfire. But if you haven't, don't worry. Engine misfires can be a real pain. But the more you know about this problem, the faster you will solve it.

Therefore, here are the common causes of engine misfires.

But first things first! What is an engine misfire?

What is an Engine Misfire?

An engine misfire is also sometimes referred to as a cylinder misfire. It occurs primarily when a cylinder stops producing power. In other words, an engine misfire happens when the spark plug, the oxygen, or the fuel fails to work at the right time or order.

What Causes Engine Misfiring to Happen

As mentioned above, the following three things are the most common reasons behind engine misfiring;


A misfire can go off in your vehicle's engine if the fuel system suffers some failure. For example, a faulty fuel filter or a malfunctioning fuel injection system can cause engine misfiring. That's not all! It could also be because of the use of the wrong gas.


Sometimes your spark plugs are old, and the misfires may be signs that you need to replace them. Corroded, dirty, and worn spark plugs could also significantly lead to engine misfires. Also, if the spark plugs were installed incorrectly, misfiring is bound to occur.


Compression loss in the engine usually translates to a loss of the fuel/air mixture before ignition happens. Therefore, it would help to check for a blown head gasket or a leaky valve.

In conclusion, it is essential to note that you can avoid irreversible engine damage by seeking professional help, especially when an engine misfire happens for an extended period. So, do you need engine repair? Please don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to Richman Automotive & Towing today.


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