Symptoms of a Failing Ball Joint

Symptoms of a Failing Ball Joint in Des Moines, IA | Richman Automotive & Towing
Your car's suspension is meant to give you a smooth and comfortable ride, even when the road is bumpy. It does so using ball joints in the suspension, which absorb the pressure. The ball joints undergo significant wear and tear, so they can lose lubrication or come loose, making your ride uncomfortable. The following are symptoms of a failing ball joint:

Uneven Front Tire Wear

A loose ball joint in the front suspension will cause one of the front wheels to fall out of alignment with the other. With time, it can lead to one tire experiencing more wear and tear than the other.

You may notice more damage to the inside or outside of one tire, or patches of degradation in one tire over another. Other repercussions are one tire has less air pressure than the other.

If one tire bursts while driving due to the damage, the consequences can be devastating. The solution is to replace the ball joints immediately.

Brutal Cabin Vibrations

Ball joints contribute to a comfortable feeling in the cabin when driving. Loose ball joints may cause the car's suspension to bounce around, leading to harsh vibrations in the cabin, particularly at high speeds.

Though such cabin vibrations can be caused by other factors such as a damaged axle, unbalanced wheels, or damaged suspension parts, check the ball joints if you experience such vibrations.

Loose Steering Wheel

Your car's suspension system is also connected to your steering system. A damaged ball joint can create a loose point in the car's suspension, making the steering wheel feel loose.

If the vehicle wanders in the lane while driving, worn-out ball joints could be causing it, so get it checked.

For ball joint replacement, bring your vehicle to Richman Automotive & Towing in Des Moines.

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