Is It Time for An Oil Change? 3 Ways to Tell

Engine oil is an integral part of strong engine performance. Oil ensures your engine's metal parts are properly lubricated. It provides a much-needed cooling that vehicles can't properly function without. It's no secret that regular oil changes are mandatory to prolong the lifespan of your car. However, when life happens, it can be easy to forget you until your car starts to display some symptoms. Below are three signs; it's time to schedule an oil change. 

Dirty Engine Oil
Engine oil can pick up outside debris over time, reducing its quality. This makes it essential to check your engine oil at least once a month. Engine oil should be honey or amber-colored. The fluid should be clean and free of any pollutants. If the oil is dark and littered with dirt, it's time for an oil change. 

Unusual Engine Noises
Gritty engine oil will not effectively lubricate the engine, causing it to work harder than normal. Oil creates a barrier between the engine's metal parts, and without it may cause rumbling, grinding, and knocking sounds.  

Oil Smell
If your windows are closed and notice an oil smell inside your car cabin, it may be time for an inspection. If you haven't recently fueled up, a gas smell can indicate a gas leak. Leaks can limit the amount of oil flowing through the engine and cause overheating or a blown head gasket in severe cases. If you suspect there's a leak, bring your car to an expert.  

Oil change service in Des Moines, IA 

Don't wait until you notice signs of damage to schedule an oil change. Motor oil keeps your engine running smoothly and improves gas mileage. Engine oil flushes dirt, debris, and engine pollutants within the system. If the oil has degraded, sludge can accumulate and decrease efficiency. Richman Automotive & Towing is a Napa Auto Care repair shop specializing in all vehicle makes and models. Our ASE certified technicians have been servicing the Des Moines community for over 25 years. To schedule an oil change, click here to schedule an appointment 

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