How to Better Care for Your Car Tires

The car tire is the main contact between the road and your car. That's why you need to have a regular tire routine. Proper car tire care helps you maintain the required handling and traction.

Read the below suggestions for tire maintenance to help your tires last as long as possible.

Regular Tire Alignment: Most cars don't indicate tire alignment as a maintenance routine. Consider alignment when the suspension part is replaced, uneven tires, or severe tire wear. Tire alignment is done with specialized alignment equipment; don't do it at home.

Maintain proper tire pressure: Every car has a standard tire pressure that you should maintain. When you check your tire pressure, look at your tires to see if they have any cracks, objects stuck in them, holes, or uneven tread wear. Always use a gauge to check that your tire pressure is within the recommended tire pressure. Adjust the pressure accordingly to prevent excess wear and tear.

Spare tire storage: Spare tires should be kept free of grease, dirt, and objects that can damage the rubber.Make sure the tires you store indoors are in a clean, cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. For outdoor storage, put the tires on blocks and cover them with a waterproof cover that has holes in it.

Moderate your speed: Your car's tires overheat when you drive too fast. Practice moderate driving to prevent the tires from rubbing on the curb. Safe driving will give your tires a considerable life span.

Rotate your tires often: Front car tires have a shorter life than back tires. Carry out a tire rotation after driving for 6,000 miles to ensure even wear of front and back tires.

Don't overload your vehicle: Failure of a tire's tread can also be caused by overloading a car. There's a placard on your car's door indicating how much weight you should carry.

Tire Care Should Be a Top Priority

Proper care of your car tires will help you spend less on repairs. If you are not sure whether your car tire is in good shape, visit Richman Automotive & Towing today.

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