How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Many bad habits are linked to our behavior patterns. The same can be said of our driving. Learn how your driving habits can affect your vehicle's performance. You may also want to learn how to change these habits to make your car drive better and last for years to come. 

1. Resting Your Hand on the Gear Shift of an Automatic Transmission

We know it is a comfortable position to have your hand resting on the gear shifter of the car. Did you know, though, that this can put pressure on the transmission bushings and synchronizes? It is best to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

2. Making Hard Starts or Stops

The hard starts at the green lights will cause poor fuel mileage. If you can, ease your foot onto the gas pedal and take off as slowly as possible. Also, the hard stops will cause more wear and tear on the braking components of the vehicle. When these parts wear down, you will need to replace them sooner than you should have if you had been stopping suddenly only when necessary.

3. Riding the Brakes

When we are going down a steep hill, it is tempting to ride the brakes. This, though, can cause wear on the pads and rotors of your brakes. You should attempt to put the car into a lower gear and occasionally hit the brakes.

4. Revving the Engine

It is essential that you let the engine oil lubricate throughout the cycle before you begin revving up. That is, you should never take off immediately after starting the car after it has been sitting for a few hours. It is known that the engine oil will settle back down into the oil pan after several hours. Let the engine run for a minute or two before taking off. This will allow lubrication to settle into the engine.

5. Driving with the Fuel Light on

It is a good habit to refuel when your car is at a quarter tank. That is, the fuel in the modern vehicle will keep the pump lubricated. To drive with less than a quarter tank risks overheating the pump.

The best way that you can ensure your vehicle is well maintained is by visiting our shop when your vehicle is due for any type of service. You can trust that our professionals will properly identify any problem areas and ensure that your car is well taken care of! 

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