Best Practices for Using Cruise Control

Cruise control can do you a huge favor in certain circumstances. This feature is widely available on most cars today, and it enables you to drive your car at a set speed without you having to press your foot on the acceleration pedal. Cruise control allows you to maintain a steady speed all while giving your leg some rest. Plus, that means more focus on your driving. 


For such a great feature, why isn’t everyone using cruise control at all times? It pretty much makes your car 50% self-driving, right? Not exactly. Cruise control is not suitable to use in certain conditions. In this blog, we will go over when you should and shouldn't employ cruise control. 

When To Turn Cruise Control On

  • Long Road Trips - When road trips go on for hours and hours on end, it is nice to give your leg muscles some time to relax. Use this time to switch on to alleviate the strain.
  • Light Traffic - If you’re on an open road with little to no cars, feel free to utilize the cruise control. You can cruise freely with little to worry about.
  • Straight and Level Road With Little to No Stops - The best roads to use cruise control on are ones with a straight path and smooth surfaces. That way, you don’t have to switch it on and off.

When To Have Cruise Control Off

  • Poor Weather Conditions - When it rains or snows, you should avoid employing cruise control as much as possible. The wet weather makes it easier for your vehicle to slip and slide. Therefore, you should stick to the basics. 
  • When You’re Sleepy - Driving when you're tired or fatigued is a horrible idea. It is important for people to know that cruise control is not an alternative to resting behind the wheel. It’s better for you to pull over to get some rest. 
  • Stop and Go Traffic. If you are driving in a city or town with multiple turns, traffic signs, and lights, it’s best to refrain from using cruise control. It would be too much work to go back and forth with having it on and off.

Now you have a clearer picture of when to use your vehicle’s cruise control system. If you experience any problems with your cruise control feature or require any other auto repairs, please bring your vehicle to the experts at Richman Automotive & Towing.

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