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What Is a Driveline/Drivetrain Service?

What Is a Driveline/Drivetrain Service?

Regular driveline inspections and maintenance are crucial if you want to keep your car or truck going. The driveline, also known as the drivetrain, connects your transmission to the wheels. It is responsible for transferring power from your engine to moving your tires. So if any part of it is damaged, you can count on not being able to go anywhere.   You may wonder, "how does it all work". The engine is the start of most operations in your car, and the motor creates the power, which is modified by the transmission to deliver the correct amount of power when you need it. The driveline moves the mechanical power from the transmission to the wheels, turning all that energy into acceleration. The primary component in the driveline is the driveshaft, and it is a long metal tube that connects the transmission at one end and the wheels at the other.    What Signs Indicate That I Need Driveline/Drivetrain Service? As with most vehicle systems, it's always wise ... read more

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