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What is The Difference Between Brake Pads and Brake Shoes?

What is The Difference Between Brake Pads and Brake Shoes?

When bringing your car to a stop, it may briefly cross one's mind that there is a mechanism at work that pushes one thing against another, ultimately bringing the vehicle to a halt, as and when you need to. You may even have heard home-based mechanics talking about brake shoes and brake pads and other words that relate to bringing vehicles to a safe halt, and these words being bandied about may even sound like they mean the exact same thing. But this is not true. Brake shoes and brake pads are essentially two different parts of a whole braking system in your car. We all know that brake pads' primary function is to slow down or stop the motion of a moving machine or vehicle. But do you understand what a brake pad itself does to stop or slow down a vehicle or a machine? This is the part of the braking system in your car that is the rubber lining inside the caliper, which is part of the large metal structure clamped to the side of the rotor, located at your car's wheels. B ... read more

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